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"The people you surround yourself with..
                                                        ...influence who you become."

Youthcove.com is an active community of young people (and young at heart) who are seeking financial freedom. We include entrepreneurs just getting started, well on their way, and already there along the road to financial freedom. We are a community that grows together and supports each other. The road to financial freedom is a hard one, and we can use all the help we can get. Welcome to Youthcove!

MattGeri on the 31-10-04
This is what a test post on the forum will look like. It will have upto a certain amount of characters and then it will stop with dots like this....

Youthcove.com is live today! Our small little site is up and kicking :).

We're a community of young entrepreneurs who build businesses and climb mountains while encouraging everyone to take the leap from reading to doing, helping each other along the way and growing together towards financial freedom.

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"...Youthcove has been and continues to be an incredible way for me to meet people with the same goals and direction as myself, willing to put everything it takes towards achieving true financial freedom..." - Jonathan Wold

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